70 Degrees in FL

With apologies to our Northern friends who are experiencing the coldest winter in recent memory, I must say we are enjoying central Florida.  Everett and I are not so far south as to be in tropical territory, but not so far north as to be cold.  As a matter of fact, Monday was a balmy 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the sun was shining brightly.  I decided to run a couple of errands in town while Everett was out golfing.  I pulled on a pair of capri slacks, a short-sleeved top, and my flip flops, gave Tyler Dog his “you’ve got to stay in the RV” cookie, and headed to the local Winn Dixie for some groceries.

After finding what I needed – there’s a level of compromise when hunting for familiar ingredients in regions of the country that aren’t “home” – I headed for the checkout.  As the friendly cashier scanned my items, I noticed the woman in line behind me.  She was a few years younger than I am and dressed completely different.  SHE was wearing a vest over a thermal, waffle weave, long-sleeved Henley-style shirt, heavy sweatpants and sneakers with thick socks.  She looked me up and down a couple of times.  She smiled.  And said, “Y’all one of them snowbirds, ain’t ya?”  She then proceeded to try to sell me a couple of acres of swamp land along the Withlacoochee River that had been in her family “for generations without doing us much good.”  I believe I was lucky enough to experience the rare sighting of a native Floridian!


15 thoughts on “70 Degrees in FL

  1. I think I’ve read too much Carl Hiaasen to appreciate a ‘native’ Floridian as much as I ought to. We can tell who’s visiting here by whether or not they’re carrying an umbrella. Natives don’t. The more it rains the more you get used to it. Everyone has a good coat and hat. Umbrellas are more trouble than they’re worth. (We don’t like to tell people it doesn’t rain here as much as they think-too many will come here and spoil it…shhhhh)

    • LOL & point taken! Being a long-time fan of Hiaasen myself, I certainly intended no offense to the rare “natives”. Note that I characterized the one I met only as being warmly dressed on a cold-for-Florida day and having a spirit similar to my “Swamp Yankee” – high praise in my mind! Everett and I have shared your umbrella aversion for decades, even while living up North. They were a positive danger up in Portland, Maine, where the rain never falls straight down as the wind is always blowing it sideways (and inverting every umbrella it can find).

      • I don’t think Hiaasen ever considered himself as making fun of Floridians. Perish the thought. He went straight for the laugh and who could blame him. Now that we have legalized weed in our state we are portrayed as a state full of hippies with the munchies…which, come to think of it, after seeing the stadium yesterday…nah. We’re all good. For a laugh.

      • I agree with you RE Hiaasen! I hear your team is going to the Superbowl? OUR team (NE Patriots, of course) got soundly trounced by Denver this weekend so I’ll be happy to root for yours in the big game if you like.

      • Definitely cheer for the Seattle Seahawks! We need 12th men/women all over the country. BTW, I live with a fanatical Patriots fan. My sister has been following them since she was a teen. I don’t know why but thats the team she picked and never stopped loving them. It was a heartbreaker for her. Thank god Seattle won because thats her secondary team and if BOTH of her teams had gone out, well, I think she would have done something drastic. As it was, whenever it got tense she’d run out on the deck and scream things and scare the chickens. Super fun way to watch the game!

      • Your sister and Everett! He watches every Patriots game he can. He starts on the couch, moves to the edge of his seat, and inevitably ends up standing, pacing the floor and screaming at the TV. My favorite is when the Pats are still doing poorly in the 4th quarter – Everett gets disgusted and leaves the room in a fury, then pokes his head back in, groaning. God forbid you change the channel or turn off the TV. He’s happy when they win, but his misery when they lose is so much more intense! And he doesn’t have a secondary team. Sigh.

    • Well, it may only be 50 degrees today, but the sun is shining and there’s nothing on the ground to shovel! Mother writes from Naples, FL (some 3 hours south of here) that she may get to ice skate on her pool this week. I rather think she’s exaggerating, but one never knows.

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