We’re at the Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney for a week.  This is a big step for Everett & I as we 1) don’t like kids, 2) don’t like to be in crowds of people, 3) are not fond of using public transportation (i.e. not being in control of the ride), and 4) aren’t really “Disney People”.  We define “Disney People” as those who decorate their RVs with Disney lights, signs, and mouse ears.  Every T-shirt they own is Disney licensed.  These are the folks who start wearing their Disney Santa Hats with mouse ears on December 1st.  There are a LOT of those people here.  You should see the Christmas lights!!!  (no, we didn’t get any pictures last night, but we will, we will)

So . . . we will struggle to stay on our Fast Pass schedule and not snipe at the parents of crying children.  Or barking dogs – during Tyler’s dog walk last night one lady shouted over the hysterical yapping of her Tibetan Spaniel that “he doesn’t like other dogs, but he’s lovely with just people.”  Who could tell?

Everett promises not to be crabby about the sounds of fireworks from 3 different parks after 9pm.  I promise not to give parenting advice to anyone, regardless of how they’re struggling.  We both promise to make an effort to have a good time.  I booked this trip and I’m GOING to have FUN.  Can you tell I’m up too early?  Our breakfast reservations are for 8am.  Ugh.  I’m sure it will be an incredible, enchanted, happy, happy day!  But I’ll keep you posted.


10 thoughts on “OMG DISNEY!!!

  1. Oh you make us laugh, especially for such fictional characters! We, as equally fictional characters, are constantly amazed by the amount of “oh he/she doesn’t like dogs” and always want to say…”well put a muzzle on it then!”… Giving advice re child rearing is pointless…coz if they need it they didn’t have the kind of parenting they needed themselves in the first place! Crowds are just so tiring…but hey Disney and all American theme parks are amazing…ours are just minuscule, wet and dreary! LOL!

    • I’m going to hold you to that! After horseback riding Sunday afternoon we’re aching as well as irritable. Everett is trying hard and we’ve got a signal now (his hand on my shoulder with a whispered “enough”) to prevent my parenting advice outbursts!

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