Fryeburg Fair, Dear

First, let me start by reminding you, my dear friends, that much of what I write sounds much better when I SAY it.  That’s because when I speak, I speak in the practical and calming accents of northern New England.  So when you READ “Fryeburg Fair, Dear”, I expect that in your head you hear it as “FRY-berg fayre deer”, but what I actually SAID was “fry-boohg FAY-yah DEE-ah”.  Such are the trials of blogging vs. telling you my stories at the kitchen table over a cup of coffee.  Perhaps I need to learn to video post.  Or perhaps not . . .

Second, for those of you who may not be familiar, the Fryeburg Fair is one of the largest agricultural fairs in Maine ( ) and features a not-to-be-tampered-with roster of traditional events, contests, competitions, and exhibitions, along with a midway of amusement rides, food vendors of every stripe, and booths selling everything from llama wool yarn to wood pellet furnaces and just about everything in between.

Since we’re just over the NH border for our workamping gig, we knew we had to visit the fair this year – who knows when or if we’ll be back in New England again?  Everett’s sister, the firefighter/EMT, was working the Emergency First Aid booth for her 23rd consecutive year, and visiting with her was another good reason to attend.  Besides, it’s the Fryeburg Fair, dear!  Everett insisted we go on Tuesday (yes, I’m way behind in my writing – sorry!).  Why Tuesday?  ‘Cause Tuesday is Seniors Day and seniors get in without paying the $10 admission price.  Well, free admission means more money to spend on food and other goodies, so I agreed.  Of course, when we got there we learned “senior” meant 65+, which neither of us ARE – and they were checking IDs.  Guess we’re not the only swamp yankee thrifty folks out there.  So we paid our admission and Everett didn’t get to buy the T-shirt he wanted.

Check out our Facebook photo album of the fair at   I’ll be posting more fair stories over the next few days if you’re interested.

Senior Day at the Fair

Senior Day at the Fair



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  1. I loved the Fryeburgh Fair my wife son and I went a couple of years ago. We were in Maine at the time it was going on and I had always wanted to attend as long as I could remember. I was not disappointed it is one of the best fairs I have been to. Definitely the best I have been to in more recent years. Very good food, I ate a lot of clams and I ate the best smoked turkey leg I have ever tasted. Loved the exhibits.

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