Job Hunting in Retirement

Everett and I are feeling somewhat at odds with each other.  This is to be expected from time to time in any relationship and all mature adults are aware that compromise is the shining beacon of “getting along”.  This knowledge doesn’t make it easier when in the midst of disagreement.

One of the joys of a semi-retired, full-time RVing life is the periodic bout of planning where to go next.  You know that our fall and winter plans for this year are all set and we’re suffering “hitch itch”* until we can get on the road south.  That having been said, I was still surfing the Internet with an eye toward landing our next workamping gig – for summer 2014 or the following winter.  I just didn’t want to end up as a snowbird, driving from Point A in New England to Point B in Florida year after year.  If I wanted routine, I’d have stayed in Maine, eh?  So in my open minded searching for new adventures, I found an ad for a nice little job in southwest Texas at an RV Park/motel.  The owners were a wonderful couple who had improved their property from a late-40’s style motor court into a modern resort catering to tourists (headed to the Big Bend National Park) and stargazers (they have a Class 1 Dark Sky in this part of Texas – I had to look it up, you should too).  The job would be front desk for me and general resort maintenance type things for Everett – enough to keep us busy but give us plenty of time to explore the region.  I was so excited.  This was exactly what I was looking for.  I all but accepted the job without discussing it with Everett – but having been together for more than a month, I realized that would be wrong.

“It’s WHERE?” was his first response.  “How far’s the closest Wal-Mart?” was his second.  “What’ll we DO on our time off?” was his next salvo.  The resort owner kindly provided us with some figures:  450 people live in the community, Wal-Mart is 58 miles northwest, golf and restaurants are relatively close at 30 miles west (hey, that’s barely a half hour’s drive, right?), and they’d prefer a long term commitment of 6-12 months (which I certainly understand – staff turnover can be very difficult and having to deal with it every 3-5 months would be tiresome at best).

Now I can think of a million things to do in that area on our time off – just walking the dog would be an adventure, and I should think it would be possible to get to know each and every one of those 450 residents over the course of six or seven months.  Weren’t we retired so we could s-l-o-o-w d-o-w-n from our fast-paced New England worklife?  But Everett was having none of it.  The thought of all that dark sky wasn’t attractive to him.  Star gazing?  Well that would take up ONE night.  Hiking in the wilderness?  Who wants to hike?  We’re old and have a cocker spaniel for crying out loud.  We don’t go hiking.  That’s for youngsters with black labs and special boots.  And the thought of being over an hour from any civilization was just too much for him.  Wal-Mart = civilization?  Who knew?

There may have been several days of not speaking to each other, even grumpy behavior on my part, but when it comes down to it, Everett and I are partners.  We make decisions together.  And we have decided to continue job hunting for now.**

Class 1 Dark Sky from their website

Class 1 Dark Sky from their website

*”Hitch itch” is a term I flagrantly stole from another RV-er.  Please do check them out at!

**Though I can guarantee that the details for THIS job will remain in my “possible” file and there will be many pointed comments thrown Everett’s way over the next year about the benefits of spending time in the “boonies”!


5 thoughts on “Job Hunting in Retirement

  1. awww. . .what great writing style. . .love it!

    if ya wanna be in TX. . .and ya need to be “near civlization” with plenty to do during the off time. . .check out work camping at Admiralty RV Park in San Antonio (our very first WK job in Winter 2009) what a blast. . . now we were the activities directors when we were there. . .and the management has changed. . .but oh my goodness. . .so much to explore in the area. . .and the bus stop is just down the block. . .so transportation to everywhere is fabulous. . .check it out!

    BTW. . .we just left Maine. . .we spent 7 weeks up there this summer. . .fabulous. . .

    • I think you saw some of the best and the worst of Maine! Funny that PA is your next destination – we’re headed to Gettysburg as soon as our contract is up in NH. Thanks for suggesting Admiralty RV Park – it looks right up Everett’s alley, why they even have a shuttle to the local sights! May we use your names as a reference?

      • hey.. .that’s great. . .when will you guys be arriving in Gettysburg. . .we will be there the beginning of October for about a week, I think. . .

        feel free to use our name as a reference, although our manager is no longer there. . .but at least you can tell them that we loved it. . .and highly recommended it.. .

      • We’re not entirely sure when we’ll be leaving NH as yet; maybe 1st week of October, maybe after the Columbus Day weekend. From here it will take us about 2 days to reach Gettysburg if all the brake repairs we did this summer hold!

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