Fall Projects 2

As I mentioned the other day, our friends and family are starting their fall projects.  Lonnie Wilson’s wife is after him to get their woodpile in order. He spent a good part of the summer splitting logs into stove-sized pieces and tossing them in a pile to air dry.

Lonnie Splitting Wood

Lonnie's Wood Pile

This type of pile takes up a lot of room and can be the source of problems during the winter.  The wood can get wet and freeze together.  If it thaws for a few days, the topmost pieces can tumble down unexpectedly.  If you take the wrong stick from near the bottom of the pile, the whole thing can collapse.  These issues not only make it an adventure to pull what you need to heat the house, but can affect the way the wood burns.  Most folks agree that the way to go is a neat stack with lots of airspace between the sticks and a small “footprint” with some type of cover (either a tarp or tightly spaced bark-side-up sticks on top).  So Lonnie was expecting to re-stack at some point.

Gladys Wilson has always had airs and ever since Lonnie was appointed to the Cemetery Committee she’s been doing her utmost to let folks know about his elevated status.  Now it’s one thing to insist on driving the newest, shiniest, most trendsetting truck in town, but to worry about the looks of your woodpile?!?!?  She found this picture on the Internet and has been hounding poor Lonnie to duplicate it in their dooryard.  Frankly, I don’t see it happening.

Artistic Wood Pile


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  1. Wonderful story and pictures, Ethel and Everett. This reminds me of my first winter as a newly separated single mother in New Hampshire. I decided to heat with wood, with electricity as a backup. The woodlot guy dumped the cut cords in a pile next to my rented house. It was late in the year so being an untutored city person, I just threw a big blue tarp over the whole pile. As you can imagine, by the time spring came around, I was crawling under what was left of the pile and dragging split logs out, imagining lurid newspaper stories about NH mom found dead in the woods.

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