Fall Projects

Kids are back to school, nights are getting colder, and New Englanders are concentrating on getting ready for winter.  While Everett and I are making plans to finish up our New Hampshire workamping gig and travel south toward Florida to avoid the entire issue (more about those plans later), most of our friends and family are discussing an ambitious assortment of projects.  My sister Eunice decided to bring her house up to code this fall and make the old summer kitchen a four season room.

Some background info is required here, so please stay with me.  Snowshoes was one humdinger of a mouser and the prettiest ginger cat (with big white paws) you ever set eyes on.  He belonged to Eunice and her ex-husband George Brown.  They lived next door to me and Everett for years until George made his mistake and was summarily kicked out to find an apartment in Lewiston.  Snowshoes was heartbroken.  George had been the favored recipient of the dead mice left in well-displayed pieces on the bathroom floor and Eunice (who tended to scream) was not an adequate substitute.  Shortly after George left, Snowshoes disappeared as well.  This past week Eunice hired Skip Bailey to put a foundation under the old kitchen wing as a start to her project noted above.  While inspecting the crawl space and existing underpinnings, Skip discovered that poor old Snowshoes hadn’t gone far.  The remains were quite mummified and flatter than French crepes, but completely intact.  “My ex just loved that cat,” Eunice was heard to say.

Though I can’t say for sure, this might possibly account for a recent incident at the Lewiston Post Office involving federal investigators and a package addressed to “George Brown c/o General Delivery”.

Snowshoes the Cat


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