Campers, Campers, Campers

CampgroundWorkamping (also known by us as “semi-retired”) is teaching us a lot . . . especially humility and patience.  So far this summer, New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Valley has been mostly rainy and cold, but there are still lots of campers.  This Sunday the rec hall was full of mud and sand after a busy afternoon.  Everett swept out the worst then mopped up the rest with a string mop and bucket.  A young boy and his father, who were playing video games, watched him.  “What’s that man doing?” asked the boy.  Dad’s reply:  “Cleaning the floor – that’s why you need to stay in school, so you don’t have to have a job like that.”

I’ve been dealing with phone calls from potential campers like this one:

Caller:  I’d like a reservation, please.

Me: What date will you be arriving?

Caller:  Well, I might be able to get off work in early August, but my friend wants to come a week earlier, and my son-in-law thinks he’ll be coming for just the weekend.

Me:  So … you’re looking for 3 campsites in August?

Caller:  What’s it going to cost?

Me: Will you want tent sites or an RV pull through – they’re different prices.

Caller:  Oh. Well I have a pop-up now, but we’re thinking of getting a 5th wheel.  My son-in-law might be tenting.  Not sure what my friend camps in.  What’s it going to cost?

Me:  Hard telling . . .

And this one:

Caller:  I’d like to reserve a tent site for Memorial Day Weekend.

Me: Wow – that’s really planning ahead. You’ll have your pick of the sites since not many are booking into 2014 yet.

Caller:  What do you mean?  I’m booking for THIS year!

Me:  Well,  this is July – Memorial Day Weekend was the end of May.

Caller:  No it wasn’t!  Memorial Day’s in September!

Me:  Oh, I think you mean Labor Day . . .

Caller:  Are you an idiot?  Labor Day’s in May.

Then there was the camper who was extremely agitated that his Kindle e-reader wouldn’t work.  He seemed to think it was our fault, something to do with our wi-fi service.  But when I looked at his Kindle, the screen showed a message from Amazon telling him he needed to register a credit card to purchase a new book.  He angrily told me he’d had the Kindle for years and already had a card registered to it and it MUST be something to do with our campground.  The look on his face was priceless when I asked if he’d recently gotten a replacement card from his bank after the old one expired.  Oops.

On Monday, a man pulled up to the registration office with an older camper and said he’d just bought it “from a guy” and could we advise him how to “de-winterize” it?  Everett went out to look it over and gave the man several tips before telling him, “It’ll be easier to show you after you’re set-up on your site, just go check in.”  “Check in?” said the man, “I’m not STAYING here!”


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