The Big Picture and the Small

I’ve been looking at lots of other blogs and travel writing lately and noticed that most folks seem to be Big Picture People.  They post photos of themselves on the edge of the Grand Canyon or wide vistas of mountains, fields, forests, or rivers.  Their tales are about the long roads they’ve traveled, the amazing sights they’ve seen, the hugeness of their adventure.
By comparison, Everett and I are small folks.  Not in size – Everett’s a great big fellow of 6’4”, and while I’m short (never mind how short), I’m what you’d call a “large woman”.  But our view of the world seems to focus on the little things, the small details, the daily-ness of life.  Since retiring and not being required to rush and hustle and juggle priorities, we’ve relaxed into a place of contentment and small miracles of perfect moments.  If you’ve followed us on Facebook you know that not every day has been serene, but even the tough ones have had their small joys.  These are what we want to share, and as an example I’ll tell you about a recent “moment.”
During a 4-day stretch of rainy days, Everett – who was puttering in the campground work yard – heard a small splashing and scrabbling noise.  A few minutes of investigation led him to an old barrel that had been left out and was about half full of rainwater . . . and a very wet, very tired chipmunk swimming his little stripes off trying to find a way out.  They made eye contact and Everett said the message was clear:  “HELP?”  So Everett slowly tipped the barrel over to let water and chipmunk flow safely onto the ground.  The chippy didn’t move right away – he got his feet under him, caught his breath, realized he wasn’t going to die today, and thanked Everett with another look.  After a bit he walked away as quickly as his waterlogged fur would allow (rather like a toddler with a full diaper) and disappeared into the brush.  We wish the little guy well and hope that he’s the same one we’ve seen on the woodpile since.  A small survivor keeping an eye on his champion.Chipmunk on the Woodpile

7 thoughts on “The Big Picture and the Small

  1. Love your observations, Ethel. You write so well, I enjoy reading your blog very much. Look forward to more…

  2. Such a cute story, and a great moral too. I need to pay more attention to the little miracles around me and stop looking at the big picture.

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