We Go Camping at the Wheels and Water Show

ImageFather’s Day Weekend Everett and I left our RV and joined the folks at the Annual Watson’s Wheels & Water Show in Maine.  This event is much like stepping through a time machine into 1957 and is one of the highlights of our year.  The Watson family own a good chunk of waterfront property that’s been allowed to remain pretty much the same as it was 50+ years ago with rustic cabins and huge old pines and hand built docks. We stayed in the little cabin here.  No A/C, no heat, no drywall, no need for any of it.  Just a cozy little kitchenette, tiny bath, sleeping room, and screened in porch.  We went to bed with the peaceful sound of the lake lapping at the shore and woke with the loons’ early morning calls.

The event got started as an adjunct to a local music festival when some friends decided it was more fun to showcase their winter projects than to drink & dance with the tourists.  Today it involves 3 generations of gearheads and steam engine aficionados who bring their antique cars, trucks, tractors, boats, and stand-alone engines, along with their tents & campers, for a weekend full of old fashioned fun.  It starts Friday evening with a pot luck supper under the canopy – everyone from nursing babies to elders with canes and walkers, and all ages in between, gather with a casserole or bowl of salad or tray of cookies.  You won’t see a store-bought tub of anything.   After supper the relaxing begins with folks walking between campsites, sitting around campfires, and wading in the cool lake water.  After dark, one group set up a bonfire using a hollowed out log about 5 feet long.  They cut a notch in the base of one end, set it upright in the fire pit, loaded it with kindling, and set it ablaze.  The fire burned inside and the flames and sparks rose to great heights without consuming the exterior of the log – looks like a giant roman candle and attracts kids and adults alike who gather with camp chairs and marshmallows and family stories and news of what’s happened since last year.

There was so much going on that I’m going to take several days telling you all about it.  Please check back tomorrow for more!