Electric Fireplace Stories – Electricity

Everett and I are “workamping” in New Hampshire this summer.  I’m happily behind the front office counter answering phones, making reservations and fielding guest questions like “Can we use the pool?” from 3 teens in bikinis – at 8:30pm with outside temp registering 52 degrees Fahrenheit.  Everett is working outside mowing lawns (in the rain), cleaning restrooms (from the results of much use during the rain – can you say MUD?) and hauling firewood.  At 7pm each night the antique fire truck hooks up the hay wagon (with the hay bales wrapped in plastic bags against the rain), sounds the siren to call the kids, and makes a circuit of the campground at about 2 mph as campers come to the edges of their sites to wave at the kids.  Everett’s responsible for driving the golf cart behind the hay wagon to keep bicycles and dogs and anyone else from tailgating.  So far this has not been an issue, but should the sun ever come out it might.

antique fire truck

As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve been enjoying “electric fireplace stories” with our neighbors.  Fred and Winnie from site 52 remembered the first time they camped in their new travel trailer.  They was some proud of it and excited to have “moved up” from a tent to a hard-sided trailer with electricity.  It was after dark when they arrived, but they got it all set up on site, plugged into the 30amp outlet and went inside to enjoy the luxury of “shore power”.  But when they started turning things on, they realized that the only ones working were being run off battery power.  Winnie went crazy with worry that there was a short circuit somewhere that would cause a fire.  Fred was angry that the camper salesman had sold them a defective trailer.  They spent the whole first night arguing and cussing and generally being miserable.  The next morning they went outdoors to investigate the issue in the light of day – and realized they’d never flipped the switch on the campground outlet to “on”!  Enough said.