Electric Fireplace Stories – Crocs

June 7th / Another rainy Friday night at our workamping job in NH. The boy scouts due to check in tonight have cancelled. Weren’t they supposed to be PREPARED – even for rain?!?! It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s very, very dark outside . . . so once again, we’re gathered around the electric fireplace.

Conversation has weirdly turned to footwear in general, and Crocs in particular. There’s a consensus that Crocs have altered the foundation of masculine New Englanders. Used to be that no self-respecting fellow would be seen in anything less than Timberland or Wolverine boots for work, or possibly L.L. Bean gumsoles for hunting. And by golly, if he wore ’em in the barn, he’d wear ’em in the living room too. When Crocs first came out, our men were scornful. Plastic shoes? With little heel straps? For MEN? Irene from Dover mentioned she’d gotten a coupon in her email and decided to get a pair of the “classic” Crocs in plain black as a surprise for her Darryl.  She had to shame him into trying them on the first time and allowed as how he didn’t need to put the strap behind his heel, just wear it over the front. Darryl complained that they felt odd and looked worse.  But the next morning was chilly and he put them on to wear like house slippers in an effort to keep his always cold toes a little warmer.  The NEXT morning he put them on without being prodded and almost forgot to change into his work boots.  The morning after THAT he admitted they seemed to have molded to his feet, were warm without being “sweaty”, and maybe he’d keep ’em.  Within a week he’s making noises about not wanting to take them off seeing how comfortable they are. Of course now he wants a 2nd pair – in forest camouflage tones – to keep in the camper! Don’t seem right somehow. Did you know they even make a pair with fleecy linings for winter? I’m sure Everett will be after me for a pair soon.